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Tierpfleger:in EFZ (m/w/d) 2023 - Versuchstiere in Zürich

Postdoc positions in Experimental Quantum Engineering group in Zürich

Post-Doctoral Scientist on Mechanisms of Arthritic Diseases in Zürich

Postdoc: Negotiating Landscape Transitions for Net-Zero Carbon in Zürich

Postdoc (3 years): Systems analysis of scaling wood construction in Zürich

Junior Researcher in Quantitative Social Science in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher - International Corporate Taxation or Local Public Finance/Urban Economics in Zürich

PSI-FELLOW-III-3i / Postdoctoral Fellows in Zürich

Fachperson Betriebsunterhalt EFZ (m/w/d) 2023 - Hausdienst in Zürich

Doctoral Student in Environmental Politics in Zürich

Postdoctoral position in noninvasive imaging and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases in Zürich

PhD position in heterogeneous catalysis in Zürich

Laborant:in EFZ (m/w/d) 2023 - Chemie in Zürich

PhD Researcher in Deep Generative Behaviour Models for Travel Demand Forcasting (C3170 B1 ADAPTIVE MOBILITY) in Zürich

PhD position in ultrafast dynamics of Mott insulators in Zürich

Post-Doc Position: Mathematical Modelling to optimise IVF Outcome with a Personalised Medicine Approach in Zürich

Research assistant with possibility for PhD: Simulation and data driven (machine learning) process optimization for hand held machine tools in Zürich

PhD student position in multiphase fluid dynamics: cavitation bioeffects in Zürich

Research assistant with possibility for PhD: Improving stability predictions in milling through machine learning in Zürich