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PhD Candidate for research in wearable sensing technology for sleep monitoring in Zürich

Studierende finden an der ETH Zürich ein Umfeld, das eigenständiges Denken fördert, Forschende ein Klima, das zu Spitzenleistungen inspiriert.


100%, Zurich, fixed-term

We, Prof. Dr. Carlo Menon, professor at ETH Zurich and Director of the , and Prof. Dr. med. Peter S. Sandor, Medical Director of Neurology & Psyche at , are looking for a PhD candidate to research wearable sensing technology for sleep monitoring. Specifically, we are leading a clinical investigation to validate a novel sleep therapy targeting individuals with traumatic brain injury. You would become both a formal employee of ZURZACH Care under Prof. Dr. med. Peter S. Sandor’s supervision and be enrolled in the doctoral program of ETH Zurich under Prof. Dr. Carlo Menon’s supervision.

Project background

We are conducting a study to investigate the effect of a novel sleep therapy to assist individuals with traumatic brain injury to recover their cognitive and neuromuscular functions. This endeavour, , is anticipated to facilitate recovery and reduce the risk of chronification in this population.

You will be academically supervised by Prof. Dr. Carlo Menon at ETH Zurich. Professor Menon has a strong publication record and has founded two start-up companies. His group is a team of imaginative builders who use their knowledge in materials science, engineering, computer science, and medicine to find bold, creative solutions to real-world problems. Prof. Menon’s lab located in the , is designed to foster collaboration. Built in 2016, the building’s open architecture is geared towards interdisciplinary research to promote innovation, research translation, and increase impact. The facility houses rapid prototyping machines, exoskeletons, instrumented treadmills, two MRI systems, two CT scan machines, wet labs, and characterization systems, among other equipment.

Job description

Do you have a background or experience in biomedical/electrical engineering, signal processing, data science, or related discipline? Do you have experience in health monitoring, wearable technology, or bio-signal processing (e.g. EEG, ECG, EMG)? Are you interested in being part of a clinical study and in developing technology to improve the quality of sleep?

During your doctoral studies, you will process a variety of bio-signals collected remotely using wearables from individuals with traumatic brain injury. Such data will allow you to design novel approaches to precisely assess the quality of sleep and evaluate the efficacy of a therapeutic intervention. You will also design an app to assist delivering such intervention and to evaluate its impact. Your PhD research is expected to yield top-quality outcomes and generate technology with potential for commercialization.

You will be formally employed at ZURZACH care while conducting your doctoral studies at ETH Zurich.

Your profile

You must bring the following:

  • you have a Master’s degree or plan to complete one soon
  • you are enthusiastic about pursuing a graduate degree and can show commitment to academic studies, whether through awards or prizes or publications, or other recognition for your work so far
  • you have skills and knowledge relevant to the research outlined in this job description
  • you are a good English speaker and writer (the lab’s working language)
  • you have experience completing a project independently
  • you can describe the knowledge/skills gap you need to fill in order to succeed in your research

We would like you to bring the following competencies in line with :

  • you act responsibly
  • you nurture well-being, e.g. by managing your own resources sustainably
  • you drive innovation, e.g. by
    • being courageous, open, and curious
    • being flexible and adaptable to change
    • exploring new ideas, solutions, and technologies
  • you live inclusivity, e.g. by treating all people equitably
  • you build bridges, e.g. by
    • communicating effectively
    • seeking opportunities to collaborate
  • you enable people, e.g. by contributing to a culture in which failures are dealt with constructively
Your workplace
Your workplace

We offer

You will be completing a PhD at the point where the fields of biomedical engineering, computer science, and neurology meet, at one of the world’s leading universities focusing on research and technology. ETH Zurich offers outstanding conditions for a .

We value diversity
In line with , ETH Zurich encourages an inclusive culture. We promote equality of opportunity, value diversity and nurture a working and learning environment in which the rights and dignity of all our staff and students are respected. Visit our to find out how we ensure a fair and open environment that allows everyone to grow and flourish.
Curious? So are we.

We look forward to receiving your online application with the following documents:

  • a two-page cover letter describing 
    • why you want to pursue a graduate degree
    • why you are interested in this type of research
    • what is the knowledge gap you will need to fill in during your doctoral studies to succeed in your research
    • why you think you are the best fit for this position
  • a detailed CV including any scientific publications, awards, prizes, achievements
  • both undergraduate and graduate official transcripts, accompanied by an English translation where applicable
  • a copy of your Master’s degree or proof of enrolment and expected date of completion
  • any English language certificates to prove a good level of English
  • a list with contact details of at least three professors/supervisors as references

Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

Further information about the Biomedical and Mobile Health Technology Lab at ETH Zurich can be found on . If you have any questions, e.g. about accessibility, please contact Ms. Veronika Hall Abraham, email veronika.hallabraham@hest.ethz.ch (no application documents).


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