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Master Student in Basel

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    Master Student
    Feasibility assessment of TruCulture sysetm for simplification and standardization of ex-vivo stimulation at the clinical sites

    Evaluation of immune response in relation e.g. to compound effect is an important part of many clinical trials. Typical assessment of immune activity and response to stimuli requires transportation of collected blood to centralized facilities for further processing (e.g. PMBCs isolation followed by stimulation). These methods have limitation including shipment, cryopreservation and limited “in-vivo like” environment. Alternative approach is to assay immune cells using whole blood as soon as possible after sample collection at the site; however complex laboratory procedures are difficult to implement and standardize in multi-site clinical trials.
    The TruCulture™ are syringe-based whole-blood collection tubes developed for simple and reproducible capturing of ex-vivo immune cell activity. It creates a more complete “in-vivo like” environment, and also eliminates time and labor consuming processing steps by standardizing the collection, preparation and processing of the whole blood at the collection site. The system offers more than 20 commercially available whole-blood stimulations including whole microbe, microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs), cytokines or T cell agonists. Custom stimulant tubes are also available upon request.
    Based on published data, TruCulture™ has been utilized as a whole-blood stimulation system by researchers and drug developers in several fields to reliably measure immune response for the following applications.
    • Pharmacodynamics (including dose response)
    • Functional immune cell analysis
    • Disease characterization
    • Patient stratification

    The main goals of the project are
    1) to compare TruCulture tubes with standard 96-well plate ex-vivo stimulation approach
    2) to validate TruCulture tubes with specific stimulations
    3) to assess if soluble, cellular and genetic signatures can be measured simultinaesly. To do so the candidate will test different ex-vivo stimulation, and quantify candidate soluble, cellular and genetic biomarkers using state of the art technologies, such as but not limited to MSD platfrom, Luminex, FACS, , ELISA, qPCR, RNA sequencing, etc.
    This project will give the candidate the opportunity to understand the drug development process and also the potential use of biomarkers to support clinical programs.
    We expect the student
    - to work independently but with a team spirit, to have good interpersonal and communication skills.
    - should have some basic knowledge of immunology and molecular and/or cellular biology as well as basic understanding of protein and RNA quantification methods.
    - be proficient in English.
    Translational Medicine
    Novartis Pharma AG
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