Chemiker Stellenangebote in Dietikon

Es wurden 45 Chemiker Stellenangebote in Dietikon gefunden.

PostDoc «Risikobewertung von Energieinfrastruktur in den Alpen» 80-100% (w/m/d) in Zürich

HR Business Partner (a) in Dübendorf

Laborant*in (a), Teilzeit in Dübendorf

Postdoc in Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Control in Dübendorf

Gruppenleiter Konstruktion 80% - 100% (a) in Dübendorf

Engineer/Post-doc position on advanced water filtration product development and certification (a) in Dübendorf

Postdoctoral researcher in electron microscopy of catalytic systems (a) in Dübendorf

PhD position in X-ray analytical research for biomedical applications: understanding nanoparticle behavior in biological environments (a) in Dübendorf

PhD Student in the field of Biomechanics (a) in Dübendorf

Ingenieur*in Elektrotechnik/Automatisierungstechnik FH/ETH (a) in Dübendorf

Head of Department "Materials Meet Life" in Dübendorf

PhD Student in the field of Biomimetic Metamaterials (a) in Dübendorf

Anlagen- oder Prozessingenieur*in ETH/FH (a) in Dübendorf

Ph.D. Student to work on Responsive Materials for Detecting and Treating Bacterial Infections (a) in Dübendorf

PhD position in circular urban resource mapping (a) in Dübendorf

PhD position in scanning probe microscopy for chiral on-surface reactions (a) in Dübendorf

Two PhD positions in the field of deformation mechanisms of hcp metals and alloys (a) in Dübendorf

Automobil-/Maschinenbau-Ingenieur*in FH/ETH (a) in Dübendorf

Ingenieur/in Fluglärmsimulation (a) in Dübendorf

Postdoc position in the field of data science and wood technology 80%-100% (a) in Dübendorf

Group leader in the field of "sustainable material cycles" (a) in Dübendorf

PhD student position on advanced microstructural engineering of ceramics (a) in Dübendorf

Postdoctoral Researcher in Bio-inspired Robotics (a) in Dübendorf

Technisches Multitalent 80–100% (a) in Dübendorf

Postdoc position for blood-based detection of Alzheimer’s Disease using nanoscale imaging and chemical spectroscopy in Dübendorf

Projektleiter Bauherrenvertretung Gebäudetechnik (a) in Dübendorf

Postdoctoral Scientist - Analytical Imaging in Dübendorf

Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher on mitigation of N2O emissions from biological wastewater treatment using isotopic constraints (a) in Dübendorf

PhD position in X-ray dark-field imaging methods for kidney and bladder stone classification (a) in Dübendorf

PhD in X-ray Laser Spectroscopy in Dübendorf