Technik Stellenangebote in Wettingen

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Werkstudent*in (m/w/d) Datenextraktion in Zürich


Automobil-Mechatroniker/in EFZ Personenwagen in Wil

Automobil-Mechatroniker/in EFZ Nutzfahrzeuge in Wil

Automobil-Fachmann/-frau EFZ Personenwagen in Wil

Fahrzeug-schlosser/in EFZ in Wil

Polymechaniker/in EFZ Stufe G/E in Wil

Carrosserie-lackierer/in EFZ in Wil

Detailhandels-fachmann/-frau EFZ in Wil

Kaufmann/-frau EFZ Profil E/M in Wil

Automobil-Fachmann/-frau EFZ Nutzfahrzeuge in Wil

Carrosserie-spengler/in EFZ in Wil

Junior Expert in Spatial Transcriptomics at the Functional Genomics Center Zurich in Zürich

PhD Position in Mechanical Rock Preconditioning in Zürich

PhD Position on Metrics for Circular Construction in Zürich

2 PhD positions: Real structure of materials with local lattice instabilities in Zürich

Gruppenleitung Beratung & Coaching: Studienwahl und Bachelor Studierende (m/w/d) in Zürich

Student assistant for development of open research database in Zürich

PhD position – Advanced detection and analysis of micro/nanoplastics in the environment in Zürich

PhD position in Supply Chain Management in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher Position Available in Dielectric Surface Engineering for Quantum Sensors in Zürich

Post-Doctoral position on the combustion dynamics of hydrogen-fired aircraft engines in Zürich

ETH - Roche Postdoc in optical liquid biopsy in Zürich

Fachperson Betriebsunterhalt EFZ (m/w/d) 2024 - Hausdienst - Basel in Zürich

Postdoc in Input Recognition (CHI, UIST, IMWUT—Human-Computer Interaction & Ubiquitous Computing) in Zürich

PhD position in soft aerial robotics in Zürich

PhD Position in Self-assembled Colloidal Micromachines in Zürich

Postdoctoral fellowship on drone-assisted collection of environmental DNA for pest detection in agriculture in Zürich

PhD position in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion in Zürich

Doctoral Student in Environmental Politics – Swiss Environmental Panel in Zürich

ETH AI Center Post-Doc Fellowship 2024 in Zürich