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PhD position on Hydroborate-Based All-Solid-State Batteries in Freiburg

Ph.D. position titled: Stabilizing Air Filled Structures for Decubitus Prevention in Pediatric Care in St. Gallen

PhD position in X-ray imaging and image processing methods for 3D digital histopathology of thyroid carcinomas in precision medicine in Dübendorf

Lehre als Informatiker/in EFZ Fachrichtung Plattformentwicklung in St. Gallen

Lernende/r Elektroinstallateur/in EFZ in Wetzikon

Lernende/r Laborant/in Fachrichtung Chemie in Winterthur

Lernende/r Polymechaniker/in in Zürich

Lernende/r Physiklaborant/in (Schwerpunkt Elektronik/Messtechnik) in Zug

Lernende/r Informatiker/in Plattformentwicklung in Dübendorf

Senior (Java) Software Engineer in Dübendorf

PhD position on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries in Dübendorf

Postdoctoral position on respiratory droplets and pathogen transport in the built environment in Schlieren

PhD student in electron microscopy of catalytic clusters in Dübendorf

PhD student in synthesis of smart materials for soft robots in Dübendorf

Lehre als Laborant/in EFZ Fachrichtung Textil in St. Gallen

2-year postdoc position on development and application of an atmospheric transport model for inverse modelling of greenhouse gas emissions in Dübendorf

Ingenieur/in Fluglärmsimulation und -messung in Zürich