Empa Stellenanzeigen


Lernende/r Physiklaborant/in (Schwerpunkt Werkstoffe) in Dübendorf

30 month postdoc / scientist position on CH4 clumped isotope analysis by mid-IR laser spectroscopy in Dübendorf

3 - 4 year postdoc / scientist position on N2O emissions and isotopic fingerprints from agricultural soils in Dübendorf

Elektroniker/in in Dübendorf

Lernende/r Laborant/in EFZ Fachrichtung Biologie in Dübendorf

Postdoc in data-driven control of building and district energy systems in Dübendorf

open Position: Postdoc on sustainable protein materials in Dübendorf

Post-doctoral researcher (100%) in Dübendorf

Engineer in Nanofabrication & Device Materials Analytics in Dübendorf

Scientist or PostDoc for prospective and systemic sustainability assessment of wood and wood-based components in Dübendorf

Postdoctoral position in the field of carbon-based quantum materials. in Dübendorf

Scientist or Postdoc position on sustainable electronic materials in Dübendorf

Postdoc position on liquid electrolytes for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries in Dübendorf

PhD student on dynamic cellulose composite materials in Dübendorf

Postdoc position on high-temperature sodium-zinc chloride batteries in Dübendorf

Assistent/in mit Zahlenflair 50-60% (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Fachspezialist:in Schwerpunkt Laborsicherheit und Sicherheitsfachperson ASGS (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Scientist / Postdoctoral Researcher in the Field of Solid-State Electrochemistry and Ionic Transport in Dübendorf

Scientist in the field of process engineering in Dübendorf

PhD position on the "combinatorial development of multi-functional ceramic thin films" in Dübendorf

2-year Postdoc Position on Atmospheric Deposition of Tyre Wear Particles in Dübendorf

2-year postdoc position on Application of data science to long time series of air quality data in Dübendorf

Senior Microsoft System Engineer (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

ICT Senior System Engineer VMware und Netapp (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

PhD position in Balloon-borne MIR laser spectroscopy for water vapor isotopes in the upper atmosphere in Dübendorf

Buchhalter Kreditoren (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Ingenieur/in (w/m/d) Maschinenbau/Fertigungstechnik/ Werkstofftechnik (80-100%) in Dübendorf

Post-doctoral researcher (nano-multilayers, nano-joining technology) in Dübendorf

Two doctoral students in scanning transmission electron microscopy (a) in Dübendorf

Ingenieur/in (w/m/d) Fluglärmsimulation und -messung in Dübendorf