Jobs im Chemiesektor

Es wurden 50 Chemiker Stellenangebote gefunden.

Scientist / Postdoctoral Researcher in the Field of Solid-State Electrochemistry and Ionic Transport in Dübendorf

Fachspezialist:in Schwerpunkt Laborsicherheit und Sicherheitsfachperson ASGS (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Postdoc position on high-temperature sodium-zinc chloride batteries in Dübendorf

Assistent/in mit Zahlenflair 50-60% (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Scientist in the field of process engineering in Dübendorf

2-year Postdoc Position on Atmospheric Deposition of Tyre Wear Particles in Dübendorf

2-year postdoc position on Application of data science to long time series of air quality data in Dübendorf

Senior Microsoft System Engineer (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

ICT Senior System Engineer VMware und Netapp (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

PhD position on the "combinatorial development of multi-functional ceramic thin films" in Dübendorf

Ingenieur/in (w/m/d) Maschinenbau/Fertigungstechnik/ Werkstofftechnik (80-100%) in Dübendorf

Projektmanager/in Forschungsinitiative (m/w/d, 80-100%) in Dübendorf

Postdoc in ab initio thermodynamics of high-temperature interfaces in Dübendorf

PhD position in Balloon-borne MIR laser spectroscopy for water vapor isotopes in the upper atmosphere in Dübendorf

Post-doctoral researcher (nano-multilayers, nano-joining technology) in Dübendorf

Two doctoral students in scanning transmission electron microscopy (a) in Dübendorf

Buchhalter Kreditoren (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Prüfingenieur (m/w/d) in Dübendorf

Ingenieur/in (w/m/d) Fluglärmsimulation und -messung in Dübendorf

Postdoctoral researcher on competitive H2O-CO2 sorption in porous materials in Dübendorf

Ph.D. position on: "Innovative and Advanced Slab Systems using Digital Fabrication Technologies" in Dübendorf

Software Engineer for urban energy system modelling in Dübendorf

PhD Student in advancing 2D material safety assessment in Dübendorf

Chemielaborant/in EFZ (w/m/d) 60-80% in Dübendorf

PhD students for Model-Data Fusion on Complex Networks in Dübendorf

24 month postdoc / scientist Mid-IR laser absorption spectroscopy for drone-based measurements of ship emissions in Dübendorf

MSc Engineer ETH or TU on Processing and Design of FRP Composites Components in Dübendorf

Elektroniker/in in Dübendorf

Postdoc in the area of X-ray Diffraction and Scattering in Dübendorf

Direktionsassistenz mit Projektunterstützung (80 - 100%) (w/m/d) in Dübendorf