Technik Stellenangebote in Uster

Es wurden 57 Technik Stellenangebote in Uster gefunden.

Operations Manager/Allrounder für SaaS Start-Up in Zürich

PhD position in Machine Learning Directed Design of Actuators from Biological Muscle in Zürich

PhD position in Differentiable Simulation and Machine Learning for Musculoskeletal Robotics in Zürich

Student job: CAD technical drawer and infrastructure assistant at CYBATHLON (2023-2024) in Zürich

PhD in role of biogenic macromolecules for ice nucleation of fertile soils in Zürich

Praktikum auf der Medienstelle der Hochschulkommunikation (m/w/d) in Zürich

Fully funded PhD in role of particle size and mixing state for ice nucleation on mineral dust in Zürich

Fully funded PhD in the role of freezing mode for the ice nucleation activity of mineral dusts in Zürich

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Astrophysics - Black Hole Disks in Zürich

Studentische Projektsupporter:in Organisation, Didaktik & Kommunikation (m/w/d) in Zürich

PhD position in Physics-informed Traffic Management in Intelligent Transportation Systems in Zürich

PhD Position in data-driven characterisation of paediatric sepsis in Zürich

Postdoctoral Fellow / Process Engineer in Gold electroplating for X-ray gratings microfabrication in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher – Machining processes in Zürich

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Energy Systems Analysis in Zürich

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Astrophysics - Planet Formation in Zürich

PhD student positions in nutritional breath metabolomics in Zürich

Postdoctoral position: Data science application for spinal cord injury recovery prediction in Zürich

PhD position in Geobiology and Microbiology of Extreme Environments in Zürich

Student Assistant at KOF Swiss Economic Institute in Zürich

Postdoctoral positions: data integration of -omics data for personalized health in Zürich

PhD position “Re-engineering informal construction through circular practices and models” in Zürich

Design++ Postdoctoral Fellowship in Zürich

Postdoctoral position – Modelling of biogeochemical nitrogen cycling in Swiss land ecosystems in Zürich

Junior Maschinenbau/Elektrotechnik Ingenieur:in bei CYBATHLON und CYBATHLON @school (m/w/d) in Zürich

Postdoc in 3D models for skin mechanobiology in Zürich

PhD in Multiscale response of skin to mechanical stressors in Zürich

Student Research Assistance for Human-Robot Modelling from Big Healthcare Data (6~12 months) in Zürich

PhD and Post-Doctoral Positions on the Application of Large Language Models in Marketing in Zürich

PhD candidate for developing new concepts for automatically detecting de-energized overhead lines in Zürich