Technik Stellenangebote in Volketswil

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Werkstudent*in Datenextraktion in Zürich


Studentenjob (ca. 20 %) in Zürich

Zentrum für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse

Postdoc in bioethics / philosophy of medicine in Zürich

Postdoc Position - Compressible flow modelling with PonD in Zürich

PhD Position in aerOsol cloud interactions: the Role of orgAnic compounds in CLoud droplEt activation (ORACLE): Experimental Work in Zürich

Postdoctoral position in medicinal chemistry in Zürich

Postdoc Researcher in Macroeconomic Forecasting in Zürich

Postdoc Forscher/-in im Bereich makroökonomische Prognosen in Zürich

PhD position, sustainability of soybean value chains in Zürich

PhD position, sustainability of coffee value chains in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher, Food Democracy in Zürich

Doctoral Students in Animal Nutrition in Zürich

PhD Position in Innovative Methods for Measuring CO2 Emissions in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Lifestyle Coaching in Zürich

Postdoctoral position in metabolomics in Zürich

Postdoctoral Position – Modelling of Power Markets in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher - Nanotechnology for Wound Healing in Zürich

Postdoc Researcher: Resilience Analysis in Zürich

Postdoctoral Researcher / Research Scientist of Nanofabrication in Zürich

PhD position in applied computer science/machine learning in Zürich

PhD Student: Ultrafast processes in magnetic nanostructures in Zürich

Two PostDoc Positions in km-Resolution Climate Modeling in Zürich

PhD Student: Magnetic Correlations in Artificial Spin Systems in Zürich

Postdoc position: modeling friction across scales in Zürich

PostDoc in Development Economics (2 years) in Zürich

Postdoctoral Positions in Climate Modeling and Data Science in Zürich

PhD Student: 3D Magneto-mechanical Artificial Spin Systems in Zürich

Doctoral student position in Soil Science in Zürich

Postdoc position in Computational Social Science / Multi-Agent Traffic Modeling and Simulation in Zürich

PhD Positions in Engineering Design and Computing in Zürich